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The East Coast Scene

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.welcome to eastcoast_scene
This is a place to post pictures from concerts in Virginia, Maryland, Washtington DC, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. (Yea, that's not the whole east coast, but get over it.) Please read the rules, and stay on topic.

.001 All pics must be from venues in VA, MD, DE, DC, or PA.
.002 The exception to rule one is if a band from the area, played at a venue outside of the area.
.003 Refrain from simply promoting shows or bands in here.
.004 If you want to promote a show, you must have "flyer" in the subject line, and have the whole flyer uner a cut.
.005 All photos must be under a cut. You may have one photo outside the cut, or 6 thumbnails, unless the photos exceed the width of this community's tables.
.006 Tell a story about the show if you want. The story can be outside of the cut.
.007 You may link to a post in your personal journal as long as it is not a friends only post.
.008 Do not steal people's photos and pass them off as your own. Always credit the photographer.
.009 Feel free to tag your photos.
.010 The photos can be of the band on stage, after the show, a tour bus, or a bathroom, anything really.
.011 Fill out the intro when you join, it must  be the first thing you post. It's not an application, there is no application to post here.
.011 Do NOT promote your stupid community here, unless it's relevant in some way. I would be happy to make your community a sister community if there is some relevance.
.012 Include the venue, and date of show when posting pictures.

.001 Name:
.002 Location:
.003 Age:
.004 Favorite Venue:
.004 Favorite Local Band (Whore out their MySpace or Purevolume if you want):
.006 Last Show You Attended:
.007 Link to your MySpace:
.008 Promote this community to a sensable place, give me a link:
.009 Pic of yourself (optional):